Why Join Up-Grade?


Qualified, experienced teachers are not getting paid enough for their time and experience.


Qualified, experienced teachers are providing extra lessons at their own homes or in their students' homes which is not ideal.


Qualified, experienced teachers are having to deal with all the administration of extra lessons such as:

Finding reliable students

Ensuring timeous payment

Finding a time that suits both student and teacher

Sourcing a suitable venue

Purchasing the teaching equipment

Paying for printing and photocopying

Advertising their service





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What kind of money can I expect?

Quite simply the more students you teach, the more your Beginning Of Month (BOM) payment will be. 

Remuneration depends on the number of students in your class, the length of your lesson and what grade you are teaching.

A break down of how payment is structured will be emailed to you once you have submitted your details, but we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money that can be made teaching in an intimate class.



How many students will I have in a class?

UP-grade has a strict policy of a maximum of 5 students per class, and so there are classrooms allocated to one-on-one teaching up to five-on-one teaching.


When do I get paid?

The UP-grade team (UP-grade staff) are paid their whole month's lessons on the first day of the next month. Beginning Of Month (B.O.M) payment.

How does my B.O.M. payment get calculated?

At the beginning of each lesson, a list of students that have paid for your lesson will be handed to you.

Each student would have paid for the lesson in advance and whether they attend or not, you will be paid for that lesson.

You will keep a copy of that list and at the end of the month, a Payment Schedule (breakdown of students taught) will be handed to you so that you can compare it with your lesson lists.

How will I know what to teach?

Unlike other extra lesson centres, UP-grade does not dictate what the child will learn.

Rather we ask the student where they have concerns and use the notes they have been issued at their school to help them understand.

This helps the child follow what aspect of the curriculum their school is focussing on and makes the lesson as apt to their problems as possible.


Where children need to be extended or a concept reinforced, UP-grade has a few resources, but for the most part, students are encouraged to bring the notes they are working with at their particular school.

A Simple Example

If you have two free afternoons a week (Monday and Wednesday):

Monday: 5-on-1 lesson from 3h30pm to 4h30pm    and   1-on-1 lesson from 4h30pm to 5h55pm

Wednesday: 4-on-1 lesson from 3h30pm to 4h30pm    and   2-on-1 lesson from 4h30pm to 5h55pm

That means you would be teaching 9 students at the 1hour rate and 3 students at the 1.5hour rate per week.


To find out how much each grade pays per hour, click the Send an enquiry as a Teacher


The students will be allocated to the days you are free and to the hours you are prepared to teach - teach on your terms.

When will these extra lessons take place?

You can choose from any of the following afternoon sessions that suit you:

Session 1   1h30pm - 2h30pm
Session 2   2h30pm - 3h30pm
Session 3   3h30pm - 4h30pm
Session 4   4h30pm - 5h30pm





There is also 3 Saturday sessions from 8h00am - 11h00am 

Organised & Convenient

There will be parking, tea & coffee and even a printer for your notes. Only the best for the best….


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