Why are Durban parents talking about UP-grade?


Simply put:       


-     We reinforce your child's current school work




-     We are friendly, specialised, qualified teachers




-     We're in the most convenient and safe location




-     Children love their lessons




-     We get results              



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"We were thrilled with her marks this term, it improved by over 20%. UP-grade was a real lifesaver."  -Retha Northlands Girls' High Grade 11




What subjects are being offered?

1 English Wednesday 2h30-3h30
1 Maths Monday 2h30-3h30
2 Afrikaans Thursday 3h30-4h30
2 English Wednesday 2h30-3h30
2 Maths Monday 2h30-3h30
2 Maths Monday 3h30-4h30
3 Afrikaans Thursday 3h30-4h30
3 English Wednesday 2h30-3h30
3 Maths Monday 3h30-4h30
3 Maths Saturday 8h00-9h00
4 Afrikaans Thursday 2h30-3h30
4 English Wednesday 2h30-3h30
4 Maths Monday 2h30-3h30
4 Maths Saturday 8h00-9h00
5 Afrikaans Thursday 2h30-3h30
5 English Wednesday 2h30-3h30
5 Maths Monday 2h30-3h30
5 Maths Saturday 10h00-11h00
6 Afrikaans Tuesday 3h30-4h30
6 Afrikaans Thursday 3h30-4h30
6 English Wednesday 3h30-4h30
6 Maths Monday 3h30-4h30
6 Maths Friday 2h30-3h30
6 Maths Saturday 9h00-10h00
7 Afrikaans Tuesday 3h30-4h30
7 Afrikaans Thursday 3h30-4h30
7 English Wednesday 3h30-4h30
7 Maths Monday 2h30-3h30
7 Maths Tuesday 2h30-3h30
7 Maths Wednesday 2h30-3h30
7 Maths Saturday 9h00-10h00
8 English Monday 4h30-5h30
8 Maths Monday 3h30-4h30
8 Maths Tuesday 4h30-5h30
8 Maths Wednesday 3h30-4h30
8 Maths Thursday 4h30-5h30
8 Maths Friday 3h30-4h30
8 Maths Saturday 8h00-9h00
9 English Monday 3h30-4h30
9 English Monday 4h30-5h30
9 English Wednesday 3h30-4h30
9 Maths Monday 4h30-5h30
9 Maths Tuesday 3h30-4h30
9 Maths Wednesday 4h30-5h30
9 Maths Thursday 3h30-4h30
9 Maths Friday 3h30-4h30
9 Maths Saturday 8h00-9h00
10 Accounting Friday 3h30-4h30
10 English Monday 3h30-4h30
10 English Wednesday 3h30-4h30
10 Maths Monday 4h30-5h30
10 Maths Wednesday 3h30-4h30
10 Maths Wednesday 4h30-5h30
10 Maths Thursday 4h30-5h30
10 Maths Friday 3h30-4h30
10 Maths Saturday 9h00-10h00
10 Maths literacy Wednesday 3h30-4h30
10 Physics Monday 3h30-4h30
10 Physics Wednesday 4h30-5h30
10 Physics Thursday 3h30-4h30
11 Accounting Thursday 3h30-4h30
11 Accounting Friday 3h30-4h30
11 Accounting Friday 4h30-5h30
11 Afrikaans Wednesday 3h30-4h30
11 English Wednesday 4h30-5h30
11 Maths Monday 3h30-4h30
11 Maths Monday 4h30-5h30
11 Maths Tuesday 3h30-4h30
11 Maths Wednesday 4h30-5h30
11 Maths Thursday 4h30-5h30
11 Maths Friday 3h30-4h30
11 Maths Friday 4h30-5h30
11 Maths Saturday 8h00-9h00
11 Maths Saturday 9h00-10h00
11 Maths literacy Wednesday 3h30-4h30
11 Physics Monday 3h30-4h30
11 Physics Wednesday 3h30-4h30
11 Physics Thursday 3h30-4h30
11 Physics Friday 3h30-4h30
12 Accounting Thursday 3h30-4h30
12 Accounting Friday 4h30-5h30
12 Afrikaans Wednesday 3h30-4h30
12 English Wednesday 4h30-5h30
12 Maths Monday 3h30-4h30
12 Maths Monday 4h30-5h30
12 Maths Tuesday 3h30-4h30
12 Maths Wednesday 4h30-5h30
12 Maths Wednesday 4h30-5h30
12 Maths Friday 3h30-4h30
12 Maths Friday 4h30-5h30
12 Maths Saturday 8h00-9h00
12 Maths literacy Wednesday 3h30-4h30
12 Physics Wednesday 3h30-4h30
12 Physics Friday 3h30-4h30 

the demand on extra lessons increasing as the year progress, 
availability at the above times is limited and subject to change. 

 Please understand UP-grade works on a first paid, first seated basis.



To reserve a seat click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and let us know which lessons you'd like your child to attend.


What will be taught?


Most tuition centres focus on their own curriculum material which doesn't cater for the individual school curriculums and teaching paces. Students may have been worked hard during the lesson but the knowledge they receive is seldom tested at their school. This ultimately results in frustrated learners who start doubting their academic ability.

At UP-grade, we ask students to bring their own notes from their own schools allowing the teachers to tailor their lessons to the individual student's needs.

When children work from their own textbooks and from their own notes, they become more familiar with their own school's work and this helps with the ulitmate goal - to build a child's confidence in their own academic ability.




How much does it cost?


 At UP-grade, parents buy prepaid packages

Package Number of Lessons Cost per lesson
 Last Minute Package 1 R 290 per lesson
Standard Package 2 to 9 R 250 per lesson
 Save Package 10 R 210 per lesson
 Bulk Save Package 15 or more R 190 per lesson



A package can be divided among different subjects, for example:


5xMaths lessons       +   5xAfrikaans          =  10 lessons Save Package  or

5xMaths Tuesdays   +   5xMaths Fridays   =  10 lessons Save Package 



If you have more than 1 child that needs an academic boost then we offer the option to split a Save Package between siblings, for example:

 5xMaths for Grade 10 Brother    +       5xAfrikaans for Grade 7 Sister        =     Save Package



R500 discount if you purchase a Save Package for both siblings.

Payment must be received during January to qualify. 


How can I reserve a seat?

Either:  CLICK HERE and fill out the application form and we will contact you

Or: view our contact details CONTACT US