How much does it cost?


 At UP-grade, parents buy prepaid packages

Package Number of Lessons Cost per lesson
 Last Minute Package 1 R 290 per lesson
Standard Package 2 to 9 R 250 per lesson
 Save Package 10 R 210 per lesson
 Bulk Save Package 15 or more R 190 per lesson



A package can be divided among different subjects, for example:


5xMaths lessons       +   5xAfrikaans          =  10 lessons Save Package  or

5xMaths Tuesdays   +   5xMaths Fridays   =  10 lessons Save Package 



If you have more than 1 child that needs an academic boost then we offer the option to split a Save Package between siblings, for example:

 5xMaths for Grade 10 Brother    +       5xAfrikaans for Grade 7 Sister        =     Save Package